Helping creative minds find the light to their stories

Are you…

  • An aspiring or established author who wonders if their manuscript hits all the right notes?

  • A creative type whose story fails to meet the expectations of your target audience or genre?

  • A mastermind of plot who struggles to write powerful and convincing dialogue between characters?

  • A phenomenal storyteller who feels apprehensive about the possibility of your story being riddled with typos?

Well, don’t worry—I know just what you’re looking for…

And that’s what I’m here to offer you.

Hi there! I’m Khelsea.

I help creative minds breathe life into their stories.

I bring a combination of editorial freelancing experience and traditional publishing knowledge to every project. As an editorial assistant at Simon & Schuster, I learned the ins and outs of the publishing process and discovered my potential for bringing stories to life. In addition to being listed as a Featured Editor in How to Self-Publish a Children’s Book by Yvonne Jones, I’ve guided several self-published authors through the publishing process.

If you ever find yourself…

…remembering your dreams after you wake up;

…seeing stories unfold in your mind like a movie; or

…yearning to convey your thoughts and feelings to others…

…then this partnership is meant for you.


So contact me today about your project.

Let’s shine a light on your story.