How can coaching help me?
  • Provides you with a sounding board for your ideas.

  • Holds you accountable for meeting your deadlines.

  • Allows you to receive feedback on your story as you write it.

  • Guides you in the right direction to meet your goals.

Manuscript Critique

How can a critique help me?

  • Gives you a professional’s outside perspective.

  • Assists with the development of your manuscript.

  • Provides insight on and verification of your manuscript’s quality.

  • Informs you on the next steps for your project.

Developmental Edit

How can a developmental edit help me?

  • Shines a light on your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Offers insight on your target audience and their expectations.

  • Helps you reshape your book.

  • Reassures you that your story is wonderful from beginning to end.


How can proofreading help me?

  • Offers a fresh pair of eyes on your writing.

  • Ensures you’re seen as a professional.

  • Acts as the final defense against errors in your story.

  • Allows you to hit “publish” with confidence.

*Note: Proofreading services are not available for novels, novellas, or short stories.