The following is a list of services I currently offer:

  • Developmental Editing
  • Line Editing
  • Proofreading

Developmental Editing

Does your story’s narrative structure make sense?

(For Genre Fiction) Does your story meet the expectations of your target audience?

Does your story do what it’s supposed to do?

If you find yourself struggling to answer these questions, it’s time to hire a developmental editor.

As your developmental editor, I will be concerned with the “big picture” of your story. I will analyze your story’s plot, setting, character development, and overall structure. I will search for plotholes and plot inconsistencies, weak characterizations, structural issues, and more. I will help you resolve these issues so your story is strong from beginning to end.

Ultimately, I am here to advocate for your readers, respect your writing, and enhance the experience of your story.

Line Editing

Do you know whether or not your story is written in active voice or passive voice?

Does your dialogue feel stilted or unrealistic between characters?

Do your transitions from scene to scene flow naturally and can your readers follow them?

Are you unsure about any of these questions? If you are, you need to consider hiring a line editor.

As your line editor, I will be concerned with how your story is written. This includes reviewing the clarity, flow, readability, and effectiveness of your writing. I will enhance your voice and the tone of your writing. I will also work on refining your story’s characterizations and dialogue while eliminating bad writing habits.

My goal is to make sure the reading experience of your story is enjoyable.


Do you struggle with the subtle technicalities of the English language?

Are there inconsistencies in your writing that slipped past you or your copyeditor?

Do you feel apprehensive about the possibility of your story being riddled with typos?

Rather than pull your hair out worrying about these questions, hire a proofreader who will give you a peace of mind about your story’s content.

As your proofreader, I will look for specific items that have been missed in previous editorial stages. I will find and eliminate typos, duplicated words, missing or misused punctuation, spelling errors, and grammatical errors. I will also flag any formatting issues that come up during the design process.

I will be the final defense against errors in your story.